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Artificial Vaginas

Artificial Vaginas, are male masturbation aids and our range covers fantasy dolls, artificial vaginas, and hand held pussy's. The main aim of these sex toys is to assist with masturbation, and to make it much more enjoyable. One of the best entry level artificial vaginas is the Auto Stroker, it's got dual controls and actually strokes the penis as it vibrates. It's also one of the most affordable and comes with a Multi speed vibrating action for increased stimulation.

One of the best artificial vagina's currently available is the Pussy Clone, it vibrates and has a very realistic feel. If you're wanting something more intimate than an hand held masturbator, then we would suggest a fantasy doll. The Perfect 10 Ultimate Fantasy Doll is an amazing example. This doll has an incredible vibrating love grip hand, and a soft suction mouth to create that perfect oral sensation. It also comes with soft real feel Jumbo Breasts.

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Oro Simulator :: 9077TS-BX

This vibrating vagina slips on the penis, and comes with multi-speed control, and provides excellent stimulation.

Oral Simulator 13.99   Add to Basket

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The Auto Stroker :: X074

The Auto Stroker is an artificial vagina designed for male masturbation. It vibrates and massages the penis all at the same time.

The Auto Stroker 24.99   Add to Basket

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Pamela Love Doll :: PD3544-00

The Pamela Love Doll won't say no, and she's always ready to oblige. This beautiful blond bombshell has three soft tender love holes perfectly created for your pleasure.

Pamela Love Doll 21.00   Add to Basket

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Jennas vibrating vagina and ass :: 5543-01-BX

Take jenna any way you wish, this vibrating vagina and ass features ten speeds of vibration and 5 modes of operation

Jennas vibrating vagina and ass 129.99   Add to Basket

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Oral Delight :: 5MO3

Wide open mouth with soft lips, and a powerful vibrating bullet for enhanced oral fun.

Oral Delight 24.99   Add to Basket

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Turbo Stroker :: 97041-BX

Realistic soft jelly finish, with a variable speed action that strokes up and down to simulate a sucking action.

Turbo Stroker 27.99   Add to Basket

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Hustler Virtual Girl :: H8003-6

The hustler virtual girl is the ultimate realistic sex doll. Squatted in the kneeling position, ready and willing so you can do whatever you wish. She has cyberskin lips, vagina and anus for the most realistic sexual experience possible.

Hustler Virtual Girl 799.99   Add to Basket

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J-Ho Fantasy Doll :: PD3524-00

J-ho has three tender openings to keep you entertained, she won't turn you down and never goes to sleep.

J-Ho Fantasy Doll 21.99   Add to Basket

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Envi :: X059

Envi has a soft inviting pussy, and she's always ready and willing. Features a deep anus, hard nipples, and deep open mouth for the perfect blow job.

Envi 22.99   Add to Basket

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Vibrating Pussy :: XE862

Multi speed vibrating vagina with an ultra tight fit, made from a soft flexible jelly for realistic sensations

Vibrating Pussy 28.74   Add to Basket

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Nikki Cumster :: X060

Nikki has blonde hair, moveable arms, a soft jelly pussy, and she gives great blow jobs. Takes 4 x AA batteries and a whole lot more.

Nikki Cumster 91.99   Add to Basket

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Putty Pouch :: X071

Non vibrating close fitting vagina with a very realistic feel, please use plenty of lube.

Putty Pouch 28.74   Add to Basket

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The Pussy Clone :: 97017-BX

This is a really good vibrating vagina made from a soft flexible latex for a realistic feel. This pussy looks, and feels great.

The Pussy Clone 18.99   Add to Basket

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The Perfect 10 Ultimate fantasy Doll :: X053

This is the ultimate fantasy doll, features include a love grip hand, painted fingernails. soft lips, jumbo breasts, and a real feel anus and vagina.

The Perfect 10 Ultimate fantasy Doll 194.99   Add to Basket

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Kylie Kneeling Doll :: X8345

This is a well proportioned life size doll with flexible openings to suit all. What is most men's favourite sex position? Its doggy style!

Kylie Kneeling Doll 28.99   Add to Basket

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Handy Vagina :: XE025P

This hand held masturbator, is a good entry level boys toy. Multi speed vibrating action with easy grip for an above average hand job.

Handy Vagina 12.99   Add to Basket

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Stag Night Doll :: 2D-1624

Have some fun with the Stag Night doll. She's cheap cheerful, won't let you down and will always give you a good time.

Stag Night Doll 15.49   Add to Basket

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Cyber Sex Buddy :: 0445-7

Made from the amazing Cyberskin material, which reproduces the realistic feel of soft supple skin. Features a tight real feel vaginal sleeve which provides amazing sensations everytime. Does not vibrate

Cyber Sex Buddy 32.99   Add to Basket

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Related Information

The quality and experience provided by artificial vaginas is directly related to the price. It may be harsh to say but if you want a realistic experience some of the cheaper options just aren't up to the job. Using artificial vaginas should not be a cause of embarrassment. For one reason or another many of us end up without a partner, the desire for sex remains constant so you masturbate to fill in the gaps. A simply hand job is not much fun, artificial vaginas are an excellent way to acheive sexual satisfaction.